lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2007

El banano, secreto de la dieta de la impunidad

Chiquita Brands International made the first $5 million installment on a $25 million fine that it's agreed to pay as part of a guilty plea to charges that it supported a right-wing terrorist group in Colombia.
El right-wing terrorist group no es otro que las AUC.
The charges that Chiquita provided material support to a terrorist organization uncovered a grim underworld of corporate protection money given to Colombian armed groups accused of massive kidnappings, killings and displacement of innocent civilians.
Kidnappings, killings and displacement of innocent civilians traduce secuestros, asesinatos y desplazamientos de civiles inocentes.
The company made more than 100 payments to the AUC, totaling $1.7 million , until they were stopped in February 2004 . The payments were illegal after September 2001 , when the State Department declared the AUC a terrorist organization.
$1.7 million son, mal contados, 3.400.000.000 millones de pesos colombianos.
"Chiquita has already been the victim of extortion in Colombia ,'' company spokesman Michael Mitchell said in an e-mail.
Los bananos colombianos de Chiquita están recubiertos por una cáscara especial de impunidad que los mantienen frescos a toda hora y en todo juicio.

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